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Types of Braces

There are various types of braces, ranging from conventional metal braces to clear braces and more recently, invisible braces system known as Invisalign.

Types of Braces

Conventional metal braces consist of metal brackets and wires that are mainly made from stainless steel, with some containing nickel titanium. Metal braces is the least aesthetic of all, but is gentle on our teeth as it does not tend to grind away edges of tooth upon contact.

Clear braces on the other hand has brackets which are made from ceramic or other plastic tooth coloured material, allowing them to be less visible to others. Metal wire are generally used though white wires and orthodontic rubber bands can be used to provide further cosmetic masking. Ceramic brackets although very aesthetically pleasing, are quite abrasive in nature, which can be a concern if the edges of teeth are in contact with the brackets.

Although all types of braces straightens teeth, they can differ significantly in terms of application, making one option more suitable in some patients over others.

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